Time Will Tell

Well I realize this has been a very long time since I've blogged anything. For starters, I have a 3 year old son now, I have another son on the way! Due in June! I can hardly believe it! I also have my 10 year High School reunion this summer. Which is insane! It doesn't feel like its been 10 years since High School. And at other times.....it really does. I'll have been married 5 years and will have 2 babies by the time my reunion hits. Time has flown by, literally. I've been coaching water polo for 3 years now too. I have a hard time realizing that even. I spend a lot of time with High School students and I think "oh i'm not that much older than you..." then I spend time talking to these students and then I realize, "oh yeah, i'm way older than all of you." Maturity levels and topics are vastly different than what I would normally would hear with my own age group. It makes me chuckle, because I have realized I no longer have to deal with the concerns a high school student would. For obvious reasons, since i'm not a high school student, but it was a weird realization that i am beyond that. I've already lived some of their dramas/concerns. I already know the outcome of a lot of their problems. Weirdly enough, it makes me feel a little wiser for my own issues. And to seek out the knowledge/advice of someone who may have experienced the same things I will go through. Its a comfort to know I can turn to someone i trust.

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